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Postie should have been given a medal rather than unpaid work order


While I don’t need to be reminded or taught the legalities of the incident, and the responsibility entrusted to those who deliver our mail is to deliver without regard to its content, it’s hard not to sympathise with the postie who binned the ‘junk mail’ he had been loaded down with, rather than delivering to the intended addresses.

While what he really deserved for his initiative was a medal, the rules meant he got an unpaid work order of 135 hours.

Via Postal worker ‘weighed down with junk mail’ caught binning items | News | Edinburgh | STV

After all, I suspect there are few households where such material comes through the letterbox and is not lifted with little more than a glance to see if it has a genuine address to the named resident and address, or is merely bound for ‘The Householder’, or does not even carry an address – and is then transferred summarily to the nearest blue bin for waste paper.

One has to wonder how environmentally sound all this waste paper is, given that much of it comes in envelopes with plastic windows, which are not easy to recycle as the plastic contaminates the paper if not separated at an early stage.

While the mass-mailers claim they keep many postal workers in a job, one might also wonder how much more efficient and better employed our postal service would be if it was not handling tonnes of junk mail, and delivering countless thousands of mail items that become waste the moment they are delivered.

I would be quite happy if my postie binned all the junk mail and leaflets that arrives at my door (he or she actually walks past mu blue bin every time he walks to my letterbox), I have absolutely no interest in it, and never look at it other than to identify it as junk.

It is 100% waste, both in material terms, and in terms of the energy wasted in producing it, transporting it to my door, and then disposing of it.

While I pay a horrendous amount of tax on the basis that my cars pollute, junk mailers get off absolutely free, while we pick up the tab in our Council Tax for dealing with their waste.

Time to tax junk mail

I propose a 100% tax (whatever they cost equals the tax) be levied on all junk mail and leaflets pushed through our doors.

Doubling the cost to companies that insist on dumping huge colour catalogues through our doors (IKEA), or full colour glossy local directories, might help stem the flow.

And any junk mail delivered without being tax paid should result in a fine equivalent to the 100 times the tax on each offending item.


I can dream 🙂

Mail Preference Service

One of the main frustrations that the sort of junk being referred to here arises from the fact that it is not addressed to the house it is delivered to, so the Mail Preference Service cannot stop this rubbish arriving.

Although I had heard a number of detractors claim the MPS did not work, I registered for it, and took the trouble to send every piece of offending mail that continued to arrive to the MPS.

They cannot deal with offenders if not told about them, which I suspect most people do not bother to do after they have signed up, and merely complain that “MPS does not work”.

However, I found that after a few months, and a few repeats of the offending mailing, the last of them ended after about 6 months’ worth of forwarding them to MPS – and they have not returned after many years of being registered.

It does work, but only if you use it correctly and see it through.

But, it can’t do anything about the junk that the postie brings, and which is merely an anonymous drop without the house address on it.


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