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‘You’ve Been Trumped’ wins Best Documentary prize in Kermode awards

Trump golfing

Trump golfing © jurvetson via flickr

We first mentioned “You’ve Been Trumped” back in  October 2012, when it was aired by the BBC, and revealed the shocking attitude of the megalomaniac American billionaire, whose money seems to be able to buy him anything… literally… including Scotland.

The revelations presented in the documentary, which showed an almost unbelievable scene where the film-makers were forcibly bundled into a police car and driven away while filming – on the basis of information later admitted to have been false, given to police by Trump staff – led to Trump venting his anger at the BBC for daring to show the film, and Donald Trump turned his bully-boy sights on the BBC after You’ve Been Trumped was aired.

While he has sought to use his mouthpieces to spread disinformation (lies?) and rubbish the documentary and it makers, those who still have grip on reality see the disgraceful and shameful truth it portrays of Scotland’s politics and police.

The film, already an award winner, has now won another award, and scooped Best Documentary in the annual ‘Kermode awards’.

Speaking to STV after the award, director Anthony Baxter (one of those arrested by Grampian Police) said:

There is a growing feeling of anger amongst people in Scotland about the way Scotland’s Government and Grampian Police have behaved over the Trump development.

Despite recent Freedom of Information requests by us and other journalists, Grampian Police claims it is somehow protecting the public by refusing to release further information about incidents documented in the film. We think that withholding this information is a gross distortion of the Freedom of Information Scotland Act.

Meanwhile, despite receiving over a hundred letters from concerned viewers since the film was broadcast by the BBC [in October], Alex Salmond has yet to visit the residents on the site to hear their deeply-felt concerns.”

Despite his anger, Baxter declared the success of the film was as much a testimony to the spirit shown by the Menie dwellers as it was to his own efforts behind the camera lens.

He added: “Mark Kermode [the BBC’s chief film critic] was present when we played the film alongside the great Bill Forsyth’s Local Hero at the Shetland film festival — which makes the award all the more meaningful.

This award is a real and fitting tribute to the residents of the Menie Estate and the way that they have captured the hearts and minds of people across the UK, following the film’s network television broadcast and through its cinema release, for their courage, dignity and respect for their environment.”

Via You’ve Been Trumped wins Best Documentary prize in Kermode awards | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

The shame for Scotland is, that despite all this publicity revealing Trump’s methods, his plans proceed without any hindrance from the authorities, who seem to support his claims while ignoring the voice of the locals.

It’s more like Stain’s Russia, rather than devolved Scotland, which is supposedly a nation struggling to assert its independence (according to some.)

Maybe someone should should check Trump has not already lodged a down-payment, or been buying up shares in Scotland Ltd while nobody was looking.

He has made further applications to build yet another golf course here, and clearly plans to turn Scotland into a nice little earner, once covered with greens from top to bottom.

Plans for second Donald Trump golf course in Aberdeenshire lodged


If golf courses are so good and so desirable, why isn’t someone in Scotland developing them, and keeping all the benefits here, instead of letting them fund an American billionaire?


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