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Mousey mousey

I’ve already hinted at the existence mouse population we still enjoy around here – Utterly useless rat and mouse killer.

And that ignores the plentiful supply of foxes we share our streets with (but for some reason, I’ve never come across any of these when I have a suitable camera handy), and the swarms of grey squirrels that wash over the area, and the skies filled with pigeons – I even had one drop dead while it was sitting on my chimney pot, and the corpse land in the hearth.

Thankfully, I’ve yet to come across any rats, although I see the council is now placing poison traps for them, and a number of factories nearby have also sprouted such traps along their fences as walls in recent years, so I know they are around.

Although there are no farms remaining, this used to be a farming area. Indeed,our houses were built on farmland, and once look out across open fields behind them. Alas, that disappeared when Lawrence homes dumped an entire housing estate in our back gardens some years ago, but we are still only a 5-minute walk away from open fields, if not active farm land.

We live at the ‘poor’ end of what I am sure some people consider a well-off and affluent neighbourhood (aye right, if only they knew), so we have a ‘rich’ end we can still look up at in envy and awe – as I was recently, when I noticed one of the houses there was sporting a nice shiny Bentley. Not the usual GT coupé seen in recent years, but apparently a new Flying Spur saloon.

However, it seems that being the ‘posh’ end of the neighbourhood is still no defence against those pesky meeces, and while the Bentley I had gone to take a picture of was out for the day, I noticed that one recent visitor to the area had apparently seen the car, and then dropped dead in shock, such was the awesomeness and beauty of what it had seen:

Carrick mouse

I… saw… a… Bentley… before… I… d… .. .


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