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Filling station closes yet again in east end

I can’t claim to have lost count of the number of times I have seen this filling station close over the years, simply because it’s unique in that it is the only one in the area that has not been demolished after being closed the first time.

All the others that I can think of closed, then the sites were eventually razed after a few months had passed. Most lie vacant, but many have been taken over by guys washing cars using jet washers, while one had been turned into a small business unit with a few shops.

However, this one has survived steadfastly since its first closure during the petrol crises of the 1970s (temporarily, when it ran out of fuel), through various periods when it lay abandoned, but intact, and has since been refurbished and reopened a number of times.

It’s a week or two since I had to pass along this road en route from Tollcross to Baillieston, and it was definitely open then. I have (had?) a custom of taking the odd pic of the price board, since the date-stamped image provides an irrefutable record of the price of petrol and diesel, but it’s a while since I bothered since things haven’t changed for a while (but we seem to have been promised a hike in March 2013). I know the station was open that recently, because I looked at the price sign, and decided the pic was not yet due.

No chance now, as the sign has been removed in total – it was about 5 m tall, so hard to miss, and mounted to the right of the banner on the wall to the right of low building, so it’s not a case of my bad eyesight getting the better of me.

Be interesting to see how long it lies empty this time, assuming it ever re-opens that is.

Petrol station closed

After I caught the above pic, it occurred to me that I had been lax, and not examined the whole site, so had to go back a few days later and, sure enough, discovered there was more ‘bad news’, for those who had worked there.

Stepping back a bit further and catching the rest of the site, to the left, shows an empty area.

Until a few day ago, this view would have shown a container, which opened to reveal a basic ‘office’ where a bunch of guys could shelter from the weather, and operated a small car washing venture using the now ubiquitous jet washer.

This container has now gone, having been lifted away, together with a few ‘self-service’ washers that drivers could use themselves, which were located against the back wall.

This seemed to be quite successful too, as I seldom walked past without noticing there was always at least one car being washed there.

Until a few years ago, there used to be a fully automatic drive-through car wash here, but this one wasn’t so popular (I seldom saw it in use, and all that remains now are some scraps of the workings, and one of the sides, which can still be seen above the wooden fence to the left of the pic. Possibly a victim of poor siting, as it was largely hidden by the fence, so could not be seen until the main flow of traffic had already passed, so half of its potential revenue was lost having driven past before it had a chance to stop/visit.

Petrol station closed 2


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  1. I am interested the place can you text me or call me back my phone number is 07479022934 thanks


    Comment by Gentjan | April 1, 2017

  2. A four year old pic for one of your car washes – seriously?

    Check Street View.


    Comment by Apollo | April 1, 2017

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