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My first scoop – Daldowie Doocot gate crasher

After years of being preached at, and then years of preaching at others, advice to “Always carry a camera” paid off today.

When I went out for a wander to Uddingston this afternoon, my route took me past the Daldowie Doocot (Dovecote) off Hamilton Road at around 15:30, and I think I’m pretty safe in saying that the gate to the small car park at the side was still present and intact. I can’t see me walking past them if they looked more interesting, and not stopping to take a pic.

The car park used to be open for visitors, but it was chained up and padlocked years ago, and I have never seen it open since. No surprise really, as the car park itself is secluded and hidden from public view and passing traffic,  so I suspect it was pressed into service by a certain section of society for purposes other than intended. The same fate befell a similar parking area set aside near our work premises, leading it to be re-purposed as skip parking area, to avoid a constant stream of cars queuing to use it, seemingly all with steamed-up windows. Wonder why?

Heading home, and passing the same entrance at 18:00, I couldn’t help but notice it just didn’t look ‘right’.

In fact, some one had driven into it, broken one of the substantial wooden posts that supported it, and more or less trashed the gate itself.

Daldowie Doocot gate

Daldowie Doocot gate – it was fine less than 2 hours earlier

Looking at the tyre tracks in the ground showed the vehicle concerned had not driven over the broken gate, or into the little car park, but had merely flattened the gate, then driven away.

Oh well, I’ll just have to keep and eye on it, and take a look now and then, and see if it is repaired/replaced, or if the bits are just tidied away.

The Daldowie Doocot

The doocot was built in 1745, to serve the Bogle estate, after wealthy merchant George Bogle built his mansion on the land.

By 1999, repeated vandalism to the 20-foot wide and 40-foot tall A listed structure (and the habits of pigeons that were still using it) put it in danger of being lost, so landfill site operators Patersons of Greenoakhills moved it about a kilometre from its secluded location on their ground to the new site off Hamilton Road, near Mount Vernon, at a cost of some £500,000, to create a tourist attraction.

Would you believe television personality Jackie Bird opened it officially on October 27, 2000?


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  1. Think this ‘Doocot’ may change soon seen the plot was up for sale some time ago circa £50K. Read in todays Evening Times of plans to build ‘4 Upmarket homes on the site’ heres the link


    Comment by Mr C | October 28, 2013

  2. Thanks for the note – I’d never have seen it.

    I doubt it would directly impact the doocot itself (any developer would know that historic and other groups would hound any direct plans that affected it,)

    More likely the adjacent ground, which would be ideal (of you want to live on a road that leads to/from two motorways and a working quarry and former landfill. When the Dog Trust levelled the next field along, I thought the ground was being prepared for a new block of houses – maybe they need the money, and will sell the walking are now, since it will be costing them merely to own, and they are a charity.


    Comment by Apollo | October 28, 2013

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