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Christmas 2012 aftermath – Mk II

Although we’re now just over two months past Christmas 2012, I don’t feel guilty making a Christmas related post. The reason being that, even though the weather is marginally better now, and we are seeing a heady 6°C during the day, as soon as it gets dark and the Sun goes down, we are still tumbling down fast, and reaching -3°C (and that’s in my “warm” area of the burbs). And you really don’t want to be outside when the wind blows – it’s coming from the north, and even if the Sun’s warm, the air it carries is still frozen. Not to mention the snow we ‘enjoyed’ had last week.

I seem to have developed a tradition of finding evidence of “Out with the old” just after Christmas, with items dumped as soon as something new is delivered by Santa, but pickings were slim this year (and the weather a bit rough for going out to find something), and I really wasn’t too happy with 2012’s aftermath pic.

So, I was really pleased when a walk in the opposite direction to my usual wandering paid dividends, and provided a much better ‘aftermath’ pic, and showed that Santa might just have overdone the festivities and the partying, and was still lying outside, recovering:

Santa 2012

Oh boy… Watch that last step… It’s a beauty


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