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Daldowie Doocot gate crash – Take 2

If I’d been asked, I’d probably have offered an opinion to the effect that the broken gate that once barred access to the car park next to the Daldowie Doocot (Dovecote) would stay broken for some time, probably days running into weeks.

I’d have been wrong – and I was pleasantly surprised when I strolled past it on Saturday (less than 4 days after the incident), to see that it was back in place, and looking almost as good as new. At least all the bit had still been there to put the gates back together, and all it really needed was new wooden post set in concrete:

Daldowie doocot gate fix

Daldowie doocot gate, almost as good as new in next to no time at all

Daldowie Doocot gate

As was

Since we had the advantage of some daylight this time around, I thought I’d catch a view of the doocot, just for completeness:

Daldowie Doocot

Daldowie Doocot


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