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The end of UrbEx at Glasgow Zoo

If you have never got around to making that “One last trip” around the ruins that were once Glasgow Zoo…

Then I’m afraid the news is both bad and final, as you have now missed your chance.

There are no more opportunities to be had.

A wander up to what was the entrance was recently met with the sight of diggers working over the last remaining area that had not been included in the initial redevelopment phase of the land and the building of houses. Clearly, this work has now restarted, and last of the remaining undeveloped former zoo land will soon become a housing estate.

Those familiar with the scene as viewed from the entrance will still recognise the road into the zoo, but little else remains, and even that will soon be gone.

Glasgow Zoo final

Glasgow Zoo final

Glasgow Zoo final

Glasgow Zoo final

Not that it’s looked all that great in recent years, as this view from 2008 shows:

Glasgow Zoo entrance

Glasgow Zoo entrance – 2008


No more exploring, no more visits, no more photo albums.

See our little wander, which almost happened by chance in 2005, when we didn’t even know it had closed in 2003! (Serious problems at home in earlier years meant the last thing we were interested in were zoos, and when we had been able to visit the little weekend market that used to live in the area of the car park – the zoo was still open. And we didn’t know the animal activists were doing their utmost to undermine it and force its closure.)

Secret Scotland – Glasgow Zoo

If you search for Glasgow Zoo online, and in flickr, you’ll find a number of visits made by others over the years, and some videos too.

Much of the zoo’s original online material has been saved here:

Glasgow Zoo – Now Closed General intro

Glasgow Zoo – Now Closed – Information


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