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Neeb’s wheels 1

I’m sometimes almost lucky when it comes to ogling my neighbour’s cars, and I say ‘almost’ simply because I don’t know most of them (not like the old days of the Glasgow tenement, when everyone up the ‘close’ knew everyone else… and all their ‘business’ too), which means the chances of getting a positive response to “Can I have a run around the block please mister?” are slim to nil, or less.

In the past, I’ve missed out on catching pics of a quite a few interesting rides arriving nearby, and the most recent ones have been a Lamborghini Diablo (bigger in the flesh than it looks in most pics), and a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Most of the problems that cause ‘lost’ pics are down to carrying either bridge or compact cameras, and while these may be convenient… fast, they definitely are not. The reality is far from the sales pitch, where you may be promised ultra fast turn-on times of 1 second, so they are ready to shoot as soon as you turn them on and get them to your eye. While the words are true, the powered zoom and autofocus will conspire to add many more seconds to that supposedly almost ‘instant on’.

I’ve given up on these types when out hunting for subjects in the wild, and now shoot with a dSLR and vibration reducing lenses (even for wide-angle shots). Coupled with a first-rate autofocus that can decide for itself to work in single-shot or tracking mode, the dSLR is always on, and ready to shoot, needing only a twist of the zoom ring to catch a subject at any given distance in its range.

They’ll probably all hide their cars away now, and I won’t see any worth catching, but I did manage to collect one I missed the other day, thank to taking a convoluted route that leads to a park that eventually leads to a short-cut to home.

A 2006 6-litre Bentley Continental Flying Spur A. Makes a nice change from the almost common Bentley Continental GT.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur A

2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur A

Sad to say this model seems to come in for a lot of criticism, often dismissed as modified Continental GT rather than a model in its own right, with some so unkind kind as to say it is only a GT with two extra doors stuck on.

I think that’s a shame, but the criticism has been addressed by Bentley, which is now launching the 2014 (or is it 2013?) Bentley Flying Spur, which they say has been fully designed as a new car and not simply modified from the GT. In order to distance it further from the old criticism, they have also dropped the word ‘Continental’ from the name, so it does not even share that tie with its predecessor.

You can compare it with the New Flying Spur, which I am told made its début in Shanghai, below, and I guess is true given the appearance of the staff:

New Flying Spur

New Flying Spur debuts at Shanghai Auto Show

Pre-launch promos:


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