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Oddness in Uddingston – Where’s my chimney?

I’ve seen quite a few discarded satellite dishes lying around the street, but I had to look twice when I saw one lying on the side of the footpath in Uddingston Main Street – still attached to a lump of sandstone, and with the rest of what was obviously once a chimney lying nearby:

Uddingston satellite dish in street

I couldn’t recall any local stories of disaster in the news, and when I looked at the footpath (and the pieced of sandstone from the chimney), there was no evidence that they had fallen from the roof to the ground – so it would seem that there may have been a danger to passing pedestrians, but nothing tragic actually happened (I hope).

When I wandered across to the other side of the street, a glance back at the building and its roof-line soon revealed where the dish and sandstone had come from. That there was no evidence of the pieces have fallen to the ground is remarkable, unless the problem was noted before this happened, and the pieces were removed and brought down safely. Oddly, standing a little further back seemed to show that there were still pieces up there, and maybe a TV aerial too, but they may be secured, and be due to be used for repairs.

Still, it’s interesting to see how obvious the missing chimney is once you realise where it is supposed to be.

Uddingston satellite missing chimney


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