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Spanish footballer loses marbles and promises to find Nessie this summer

I don’t hide the fact that I think footballers and celebrities are nothing more than wastes of skin, and generally avoid a laugh at their expense – shooting fish in a barrel doesn’t really need any skill.

However, I don’t want to generalise to excess, and the gentleman I am about to mention seems to be just that as far as footballers go, and does not seem to have the record of bad behaviour that many bring to the game, so I guess we can welcome him – and his money hopefully – on holiday to Scotland.

But when a Spanish footballer – who I assume is picking up a ‘pay packet’ that makes a mockery of this story: North Sea wages ‘rising too fast’ (nobody ever seems to complain about the fantastic wage packets footballers and celebrities pick up, for doing nothing worthwhile) – announces that he is coming to Scotland and says: “I want to visit Scotland. I want to be the one to find the Loch Ness Monster. I can do it”, then it’s hard to resist. Quite why he should suggest he can do it when so many others have failed is not clear, hence one wonders about his wisdom.

I’m sure that those who have camped out on the shores of Loch Ness, or have organised massive sonar sweeps of the loch (and found nothing) will be intrigued, and keen to see what he does, and how he intend to turn his claim of “I can do it” into reality, rather than some sort of rambling.

We’ll have to hope the media keeps its eye on him when he comes up, and reports on the outcome of his search.

Maybe he will get an interesting pic or two.

Nessie and footballer


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