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Bomber Command veterans receive Bomber Command clasp award

Bomber Command clasp

Bomber Command clasp – Crown Copyright via Royal Navy

I decided to write a separate post regarding the final award of the Bomber Command clasp to veterans of Bomber Command today, as the event was largely overshadowed by the many reports which covered the equally significant award of the Arctic Convoy medal, but then went on to mention the Bomber Command clasp as a footnote to their main content, while some even failed to mention it at all.

I could say more, but this is most certainly not the occasion.

Rather, just be glad that recognition has come at the individual level after a long wait, and follows the recently completed, and similarly long overdue Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London.

The Prime Minister David Cameron ended nearly 70 years of waiting for two groups of Second World War veterans, as he presented the first Arctic Star medals and Bomber Command clasps in two separate ceremonies on Tuesday.

Mr Cameron praised the veterans, apologised for their long wait for recognition and spoke of the sacrifices made by both groups.

More than 3,000 seamen died over four years from 1941 on missions to keep open supply lines to Soviet ports, travelling what Winston Churchill dubbed the “worst journey in the world”.

The Prime Minister also described how 55,000 of the 125,000 people who joined Bomber Command lost their lives.

Doug Radcliffe, secretary of the Bomber Command Association, said: “It is an honour to be here, and to have enjoyed a life and been lucky enough to survive.

“It means so much, not so much to the lucky ones like us who enjoyed 60, 70 years of life and family, but those who lost everything.”

Via Video: Bomber Command veteran welcomes ‘late honour’

Also Scots veteran Eddie Grenfell first to receive Arctic Star medal | Dundee & Tayside | News | STV

And Convoy veterans given first Arctic Star medals



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