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Apollo rocket engines recovered from floor of Atlantic Ocean

Try as I might, I can’t resist mentioning this item.

I’m not going into the detail again, but my online name of ‘Apollo’ is based on a coincidence arising from the Moon landing, and the need for a name that related to the site it was to be seen on some years ago, and I have just stuck with it ever since.

In a project that probably has more computing power and advanced engineering technology than the missions that ultimately made their way to the Moon, remains from the rockets which powered the lunar spacecraft on the first part of their journey away from the surface of the Earth have been recovered from the sea bed some 3 miles below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s probably worth considering that there have probably been more people visiting the surface of the Moon (about 250,000 million miles away) than have made it a few miles down to the deepest parts of the seas and oceans of the Earth, and that we probably know more about stars and planets than we do about those depths.

See stills of the finds and items recovered so far here: Apollo F-1 engines recovered from Atlantic ocean floor by Bezos Expeditions – Boing Boing

The team has its own web site here: F-1 Engine Recovery | Bezos Expeditions

The clarity of the video showing the scene on the sea floor is also remarkable, as it the condition of the items found, visible in this video released by the team.

If NASA and the Apollo astronauts had returned with video like this, I’m sure there would have been even more people from Tinfoilhatia claiming that we never went to the Moon, and that the whole thing was faked.

You have to hand it to NASA for being thorough, and planting those pretend rocket motors in the Atlantic, to be found and brought up something like 40+ years later:


Probably not that smart, and the truth is that this is all fake, and was shot in a hidden and secret water tank and film set somewhere at NASA, and is just being released now, to keep the myth of the Moon landings alive.



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