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Ailsa Craig could now be yours for a mere £1.5 million

Yet another island sale making it into the news, this time Ailsa Craig, or Paddy’s Milestone to those who know it better.

It’s actually an old story, but we must have missed the initial sales offer when it appeared in the news almost two years ago, in May 2011.

Back then, a price anywhere up to £3 million was suggested, but the island has failed to attract any prospective buyers in that time, and the price has chopped to a mere £1.5 million.

Owned by the Scottish peer Archibald Angus Charles Kennedy, 8th Marquess of Ailsa, the island is believed to be a volcanic plug over an extinct volcano, and rises to 1,100 feet above sea level.

It is also known as home to one of the largest gannet colonies in the world, hosting some 36,000 breeding pairs which are watched over by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). This also means that there are restrictions in place as regards any development on the island which might interfere with the birds’ breeding habit.

Via Ailsa Craig: Asking price reduced in Irish Sea island sale

The island’s portfolio includes 220 acres and contains a house, lighthouse, ruined castle, three former lighthouse keepers’ cottages, and a quarry which has provided most of the World’s finest curling stones.

The family responsible for the stones lived and worked on the island until a few years ago, but demand fell and they had to leave. However, the stone is still being used, and many blanks and part-worked stones still lie in the quarry. Trips are made to collect these when needed. Known as blue hone granite, stone from the quarry provides as very dense and nonporous form of granite, which resists the penetration of moisture and prevents the formation of pitting of the carved stones as they stand on the ice.

Also Estate agent Knight Frank cuts price of Ailsa Craig to £1.5m | News | Glasgow | STV

See the ad: Property for sale – Ayrshire, KA26 | Knight Frank

Worth the effort of downloading their brochure too, just for the pics: Brochure

This is a rather fine pic of Ailsa Craig found in geograph, taken from about 1.5 km away:

Ailsa Craig

Approaching Ailsa Craig © Phil Catterall via geograph

Ailsa Craig Ltd

Although it does not have a direct relationship with the island (in the sense of ever being located there), you may be interested to read more about this company:

Ailsa Craig Ltd was a successful niche manufacturer of high quality marine engines, which originated in 1891 and finally ceased trading in 1972.

Although the business was ultimately based in England, the company name was originally derived from both the island of Ailsa Craig, which lies off the west coast of Scotland (also known as Paddy’s Milestone), and the name of the original founder, who came from Glasgow, Alistair Edward Stuart Craig, also known as Arthur.
Arthur Craig had started his business in Glasgow, where he established Craig Bicycles, and manufactured his own quality bicycle which had the registered trademark of a man standing on the peak of Ailsa Craig, holding a Craig bicycle at arm’s length, and with the slogan “As strong as the rock of Ailsa Craig”.

Secret Scotland – Ailsa Craig Ltd

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