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A Window on Caithness’ Past

Baillie wind farm survey - Click to visit

A Window On Caithness’ Past is a new web site which resulted from the Baillie Wind Farm Lidar Survey.

The new site has been launched as an educational tool, and offers virtual tours of ancient sites and links to those already documented on the Highland Historic Environment Records.

The survey was completed as part of the preparations completed ahead of the construction of the Baillie Wind Farm, a 21-turbine project at Baillie Hill, west of Thurso, which was granted planning permission subject to a number of conditions.

LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) is an optical remote sensing technology that can measure the distance to (or other properties of), remote targets by illuminating them target with laser light and analysing the backscattered light. It basically fires thousands of laser pulses per second at the ground, and almost a billion such “points” were recorded during the Baillie Wind Farm survey, with the raw data being processed to provide high-resolution models which showed field boundaries, walls, and ancient monuments in the area.

AOC Archaeology Group was commissioned to carry out the scan, which was carried out using equipment carried by an aircraft which flew over the wind farm site to collect the results.

As well as offering the visitor the opportunity to browse the processed survey data in a map view, it also contains a number of tours, with more detailed video fly-throughs showing selected areas and features.


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