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Intriguing new battery proposed for electric vehicles

Although I am trying not to appear to adopt a position as some sort of electric vehicle evangelist, I do like to keep an eye on developments and mention anything new, especially here in the UK (Scottish hat off for the moment) where the approach of most is childish in its dismissal of EVs, and in my opinion something like 5 years behind current technology as already adopted in the US.

(And let me add that the UK seems to have the same childish approach to electric bicycles. While the concept is widely adopted overseas and sales are climbing, in the UK we find that cycling enthusiasts regard electric bicycles as “Cheating“, and fail to promote them at a time when any means should be being used to encourage the uptake of cycling. It’s a pathetic attitude. These people seem to think everyone is as fit and able as them. I know people who would like to get on a bicycle, and simply cannot, but could with some assistance.)

I got quite a surprise this week when my sleeve was tugged and I was pointed ad developments just announced by an Israeli company, which has shown a car fitted with a 1,000 mile battery in addition to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery fitted to the same vehicle, but which has a much lesser range (the usual 40-60 miles or so). The aluminium-air battery could remove range anxiety.

As you will hear in the video, Phinergy has a deal to have this working with a global OEM by 2017, which is not long in car manufacturing terms.

Clearly, we are looking at an early development demonstrator, and sparse info in real terms, so there is still work to be done – and it might be worth noting that the same company is working on zinc-air technology which some claim holds even more promise.

However, compared to lithium-ion, the aluminium-air battery already offers a magnitude storage capacity advantage, so is not imaginary, or just a promise.

I also find this particular innovation rather amusing, because without knowing the story behind the technology being shown, it looks as if the water-fuelled car as promised by the Tinfoilhatians (an many Internet con-artists selling plans for water fuelled engines) has been delivered, but in reality, it is only the battery’s electrolyte (water) which is being topped up as it is consumed.

One to watch, if it appears on the market… or slips into obscurity.

Manufacturer’s info: Phinergy, Home


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