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Trump takes the hump as offshore wind farm gains approval

Tall wind turbine

Proving that he is the last person you would want to do business with, megalomaniac billionaire Donald Trump has made good on his promise to pull the plug on any future investment in his £750 million golf resort in Aberdeenshire, following news that an offshore wind farm that might offend the eyes anyone on the resort has been approved.

This demonstrates that he has no interests but his own in his head, and has just dumped anyone that might have benefited – after abusing all the locals in the area with his bullying and boorish tactics.

He’s not even going gracefully, and has vowed to start a lawsuit:

Mr Trump said: “We will be bringing a lawsuit within the allocated period of time to stop what will definitely be the destruction of Aberdeen and Scotland itself.

Via Consent for Donald Trump row wind farm announced

And Following the decision Mr Trump said he would now bring a “spend whatever monies are necessary” in an effort to stop the project going ahead.

And Donald Trump golf course hotel axed over wind farm – Environment –

Far from aiding Scotland with his luxury golf resort – which I suspect few locals can afford to use, or be welcome at – his legal actions will end up costing a fortune in legal costs as they drag through the courts.

On the other hand, if he spends on Scottish lawyers and does not import his own American services, then we might benefit.

More Trump costs: Donald Trump pressed Ministers for wind farm probe – Top stories –


This blog isn’t the place to cover the matter of renewables and wind power, or more specifically, the operating criteria for wind power. but it’s truly appalling to see the amount of misinformation and ignorance displayed by those who are jumping on this issue as one which can be used to rubbish wind power.

While I am not going to get embroiled in this utter nonsense, it is nonetheless sad to see how many people are reposting the rubbish spouted by Trump and his advocates against wind power as if it were fact.

The only saving grace is that none of them actually quote any sort of factual information for reference, or dare look at the figures reported for production from wind.

Probably the most insulting thing they do is misrepresent wind as if it was a single element of renewable energy, and saying that because wind is not productive 24/7 it is useless.

In the real world away from their twisted minds, wind power is one of a number of contributing sources, which are integrated in order to provide a total package.

But – why let truth and fact get in the way of a good fairy story?


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