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Artwork design sought for Kelso

I was intrigued to see a news item regarding an invitation for designs to be submitted for an artwork installation to be sited in the centre of Kelso, in front of the Town Hall.

It years since I’ve been to Kelso, and for those that knew it, I used to be there every year, at least once a year, for the Anglo-Scots Rally – not for cars, but for radio amateurs.

The great thing about this gathering was that it was close enough to England for us to get a good attendance from suppliers based in England, who could not always justify the time/cost of attending event further north, unless they were large. It was a sad day when this event came to an end some years ago.

The rally made a good excuse to visit Kelso, and have a walk around the old town, which will be found to contain many interesting features if you make the time to visit and have a slow walk.

Despite poking around on numerous occasions overt the years, it was only recently I discovered I had been passing a wartime pillbox, hidden from view over a wall near the bridge – and which would have covered the approach to the bridge in time of war – so you can still learn, even about places you think you know.

Back in the town, the area in front of the Town Hall (and the large hotel nearby) is little used, other than as a car park, and for various markets and fairs during the summer months. While I like it, I also used to get the feeling there was something missing, so maybe the addition of some sort of installation might make the space look better balanced.

The work is being funded by Sainsbury’s, with £40,000 on offer to the winner, with the theme of the work being “embody the spirit of the town”.

A two stage process will find the eventual winner, first being the creation of a shortlist of five artists or designers, followed by a public exhibition of their proposals, before a final design is selected in early July.

I hope the media doesn’t forget to provide us with the outcome of this project.

Kelso town hall

Kelso town hall © Richard Webb via geograph

I was disappointed as I didn’t realise I had no digital pics of Kelso, so am grateful to be able to dip into geograph.


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