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MV Glenlee admission fee removed

While the removal of the admission fee to enter the MV Glenlee moored near Riverside, the Glasgow Transport Museum, is not yet permanent (actually described as “the free admission policy would continue until at least next year, with an assessment being made in three months“), it’s hard to see how it could be re-applied later, unless the accounts show it caused some downturn in other earnings for the nearby museum shops and café.

So, make the best of it… just in case.

What really surprises me is the nasty way that some people find to spread their vitriol and turn such an opportunity from one where one says “Thanks for that”, and they seek to turn it into a political event, and spout all sorts of tripe about taxation, pensioners, past museum related spends, and goodness know what else.

I’m almost surprised they have not roped in the weather as well.

There’s a fairly long report on the suspension of this fee given in The Scotsman, and it’s worth reading – but it’s even more interesting to carry on reading past the article itself, and into the Comments which follow, and wondering just what strange connections are working together in the minds and brains of some of those writing there, who lose all sight of the article itself, and use it to promote their own strange thinking:

Via Glasgow transport museum tall ship axes entry fee – Heritage –

Seriously… just get out a bit more and enjoy what you can while can, and smile more if it’s ‘free’.

MV Glenlee

MV Glenlee © Thomas Nugent via geograph


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