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More Commonwealth Shames

Money grabI generally avoid any reference to the shameful waste of money that is gleefully tipped into the money pit referred to as the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2104. I’d be making endless posts about this nonsense, and I’ve seen a vitriolic anti-games site, and the way it developed was enough to make me steer clear of any regular contact.

But sometimes I spot something that is just ridiculous, and fixing of laws to allow waste-of-skin celebrities freely add to their millions by evading local taxation is one.

We’ve had at least one executive that had to go because they… (well, I’m not doing to risk a lawyer’s letter)

The chief executive of the organising committee for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has resigned.

John Scott stepped down after admitting breaking rules over accepting gifts and hospitality from a potential supplier.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games chief John Scott quits

Security costs have trebled!

The security budget for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has more than trebled to £90m.

The Scottish government said additional costs have been identified following a review of the 2012 London Olympics.

It will add £37.7m to the current £27.2m budget, with an extra £25.1m coming from the contingency budget.

The extra cash will be spent on securing the athletes’ village, hotels and training venues, and providing additional CCTV and perimeter fencing.

The athletes’ village will be secured for six months before the games begin and provisions will be put in place to provide round-the-clock security at some hotels and training venues.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games security cost up 200%

And let’s not forget the 50,000 mugs who applied for 15,000 positions as unpaid volunteers, without whom the Shames would probably be bankrupt before they even started.

15,000 wide-eyed innocents who are being taken advantage of and made fools of, and who will probably put in more honest effort than any of those either organising or taking part in the games, yet they will not receive a penny for their efforts, just a t-shirt.

These ‘free’ volunteers also soaked up £500,000 of Lottery money, even though they are supposed to fund their own travel and accommodation expenses. A double ‘fiddle’ netting yet more ‘free; cash for Shames.

Fund to help Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games volunteers

Now we are being told that the millionaire athletes who are coming to dip their snouts into the money-filled trough of the Shames are not even going to give Glasgow, Scotland, or the UK any of the money they make by gracing the city’s ground with their god-like presence:

Following a campaign by Glasgow MPs Tory Chancellor George Osborne included a clause in this month’s Budget which puts the 2014 games on the same tax footing as last year’s Olympics.

It means that competitors such as the 100m and 200m world record holder Bolt will not have to pay tax on their earnings while competing in Glasgow.

The Jamaican sprinter had been one of the athletes who had been concerned about being hit with a large tax bill for taking part in the sporting festival in July and August next year.

It is understood that Bolt has not competed in the UK apart from the Olympics because of tax issues.

After the Olympics last year he spoke about the tax problems and said: “As soon as the law changes I’ll be here all the time. I love being here, I have so many Jamaican fans here and it’s wonderful.”

Usain Bolt hope for Glasgow 2014 after tax change – Top stories –

What a piece of work and a lying waste of skin!

What he really means is that he loves being in any country stupid enough to bend over backwards, and aid and assist him in committing tax evasion.

I don’t see why Bolt and Co should be excused paying the taxes that should be funding the non-existent myth of the Lasting Legacy of the Commonwealth Games, while the media and others attack companies which legitimately follow the tax laws and are smarter than those who wrote them, and can avoid paying huge tax bills.

It was bad enough when they were pandered to for the Olympics, but it’s an insult to see them receive the same cash bonus for deigning to come to Glasgow.

Why is the former praised and worshipped for taking part in a genuine swindle, while the latter treated like some sort of criminal organisation merely for applying the law as it is written?

If I told Glasgow City Council that I, and anyone else that would like be able to afford to leave the city while this games fiasco is running, was withholding their Council Tax for the relevant period because they didn’t want to stay ans pay it – well, we’d soon be in court, paying not only the outstanding tax, but also some punitive addition to teach us not to be so stupid.

2014 Games nonsense closes access to River Clyde

I almost forgot this…

A huge stretch of the River Clyde could be closed during Glasgow 2014 to thwart the risk of a terrorist attack.

STV News can reveal senior police are in talks with Glasgow City Council over the move, which would see the river shut to all but non-essential vessels for the duration of the games.

Among the venues with close proximity to the river are the £125m Hydro Arena, which will host the gymnastics events, and the Athletes Village at Dalmarnock, which will be home to the 6500 visiting athletes and officials taking part in the games.

The possibility of closing the river was revealed for the first time on Thursday by Nina Baker, councillor for the City Centre ward, during a Glasgow 2014 progress update on Thursday morning at the city council’s Executive Committee.

Cllr Baker, who sits on the river Clyde Users Group on behalf of the Sea Cadets, said: “There have been discussions as to the security requirements, particularly on the upper Clyde. The police have been saying for some while that they anticipate having to shut the upper Clyde because of the proximity to the athletes’ village. I took on board that these things are still under discussion and I want to make sure things do get discussed with river users and don’t just happen. “

Councillor Baker said members of the Clyde Users Group – which includes local rowing clubs and the Sea Cadets – would object to any move and are demanding to be involved in security discussions.

She added: “I think it would be a really bad idea because it would mean that people like the rowing clubs wouldn’t be able to show off a particular form of active leisure that is one of the things that we think should be a legacy of the games. If there was somebody strange on the river, the people who are most likely to recognise them as strange would be the people who use the river all the time, not the police who are never there anyway.”

Via River Clyde may shut during Commonwealth Games over terrorism fears | News | Glasgow | STV

Lest anyone try to correct the above sub-heading which used the word closes, they should be aware that we have already been denied access to the walkway and cycle path neat the athletes’ village for months, ever since construction work started lasted year, and all the access routes were closed. Last time I tried, there was no way to get near the River Clyde between Parkhead and Dalmarnock.


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