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Bulletproof snack bar of Easter Queenslie

I’m not sure if this snack bar is still in use, although I have found other pictures of it from recent times showing it to be open in 2012, so no reason to assume not – you can find it in Easter Queenslie Industrial Estate, which I happened to be wandering through recently, searching for something else, unrelated. Compared to the usual trailer or caravan, it is, at least a little unusual and worthy of note.

Snack bar

Unfortunately, although I have been back quite a few times since first coming across it, I can really only get there by mid-afternoon at best, it’s always closed, locked and barred, and I’m unlikely to be there any earlier to find out if it just closes early. And a look at the ground shows it to be tidy – where I’d expect to find litter, there’s none. But that might just be a good owner at work.

What makes it a little more interesting than an ordinary snack bar is the construction – a look around the exterior suggests most, if not all, is steel plate, with angle iron riveted or bolted to the edges. The door is also reinforced with steel.

Snack bar

At a guess, it probably didn’t start out that way, but over the years, as it was attacked by those intent on helping themselves to whatever might be left inside overnight, repairs gradually created a more substantial structure.

The attentions of the low-life bottom-feeding scum that seeks to make its living by stealing from those prepared to work to support themselves seem to know few boundaries. Our premises lie in another industrial estate not too far away, and the snack bar there used to be run by a couple of elderly brother, who were really nice guys. But, this was no protection, and their unit was one of those often raided, as the thieves seem to be able to shift any sort of moveable catering equipment with ease. On one occasion, they didn’t even bother being quiet and avoid attracting attention, as they simply used a massive industrial chain saw to hack a their own doorway through the roller shutter on the little catering unit.

They were quite imaginative when the broke into our premises one evening, and used the services of a pair of bolt-cutters in a surprising (and on reflection, obvious) way to deal with the locks on our door.

Looking at the substantial locks on the snack bar suggests some delay in gaining illicit entry, but there is (from our experience) an obvious flaw that would allow these to be defeated fairly quickly, but I’m not going to give it away.

Snack bar


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