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Justice 2!

Time isn’t on my side just now, and even though I have plenty of local items to post, they have turned into a glut in the past week or so – maybe the improving weather – and trying to pare them down is just not working. I think I will have to do a ‘Reset’ and start fresh, leaving most of the stuff I have been forced to miss recently.

Amazing. At the start of the year I could barely cobble together a Post-a-day. Now, even though I have managed to make some guidelines for choice, they seem to be feeding too many items. Time for (another) rethink methinks.

I couldn’t even pick one that I could have written about quickly, so yesterday’s Justice! post reminded me of another gem along the same lines.

Probably everybody’s seen it, but it can take a lot of repeating, as this kid gets the bath he rightly deserved – enjoy it, just once more 🙂

He deserved it!

He deserved it!


None of the “Responsible Adults” stand around do anything while the evil infant drags his victim to the pond.

However, in the longer video version of this gif, it’s nice to see none of them seem to be in any particular  hurry to do anything after the kid falls in the pond, so it’s nor all bad.


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