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Stornoway Black Pudding headed for protected status

It’s been an interesting time for food recently, as a number of producers have realised that their local skills and name is as much of a draw to their delicacies as the delicacies themselves are.

I can’t remember the list offhand, but a couple that spring to mind involved the fight to have Cornish Pasties protected, and only called “Cornish” if they were made in that part of the country, and not in, shall we say… China. The other being Scotch and/or Scottish Whisky, which has also been granted protected status after it started to pour out of strange places like India, and China (again).

The current headliner is Stornoway Black Pudding, made to a specific local recipe and considered a favourite by many, the pudding is seeking protected geographical indication, a status which would mean puddings could only be labelled as being Stornoway if they were made on the Western Isles.

Charles MacLeod – Makers of Stornoway Black Pudding

While the ruling looks as if it will ultimately be made, campaigners have just been warned that the final decision is still months away, as the draft regulation had only reached the second consultation stage, and registration would still take a further one to two months after the end of the consultation process. Patience is a virtue, as I found that the original campaign was started back in 2008, so as with all such things, it seems the legal machinery always moves at its own pace.

Here are some of the past news items in descending chronological order:

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BBC NEWS | Scotland | Highlands and Islands | Black pudding campaign batters on

I have to confess it’s not one I think I’ve ever tried. Stornoway’s a bit off the beaten track just to nip out to the shops and buy some, and as far as I can recall, I’ve never seen this particular black pudding label in any of the shops I visit.

I do have a preference for the Co-op’s own black pudding, which fries and grills very nicely.

I won’t name the others I’ve tried (since the Co began to ramp its prices up with a vengeance in recent months), but I don’t rate them, as they nearly all share a greasy pig fat taste and smell that lingers, and is not very nice.

Black pudding… makes me think of…

Black pudding plate

Black pudding – Scottish breakfast © adactio via flickr


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