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Donald Trump anti-wind farm ad blocked for Lockerbie bombing link

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Donald Trump continues to prove he is a nasty and evil piece of work, not worthy of the effort of scraping off the sole of your shoe if you stepped in him.

He has already proven how low he will stop in his insane ranting and raving against wind farm already, when he took a swipe at Alex Salmond back in December 2012:

Under the banner “Is this the future for Scotland?” his protest displays a picture of a huge wind farm in California. It states: “Tourism will suffer and the beauty of your country is in jeopardy!

“This is the same mind that backed the release of terrorist al-Megrahi, ‘for humane reasons’ – after he ruthlessly killed 270 people on Pan-Am flight 103 over Lockerbie.”

Via Donald Trump ‘sick’ for using Lockerbie in a rant against wind farms – Politics –

Now he’s had his adverts banned:

The newspaper adverts featured a photograph of First Minister Alex Salmond and linked the Government’s support of wind farms with the decision to release Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will publish a report this week condemning it as misleading.

The advert prompted 21 complaints, including one from Green party leader Patrick Harvie.

The MSP said: “Only a sick mind would link renewables policy with Lockerbie victims and while the ASA says the advert did not breach its code in terms of offence, it agrees it was distasteful.

“It also agrees that both the claim about tourism and the use of an American image were misleading. I believe Mr Trump owes an apology for his crass behaviour.”

The ASA decision is the second such ruling against the Trump Organisation over their anti-wind farm campaign. An earlier advert was banned for exaggerating the number and type of turbines used in Scotland.

Mr Harvie added: “He didn’t have a shred of evidence that tourism would suffer when we quizzed him in Parliament, and he’d already been censured by the authorities for anti-renewables adverts.

“The fact he went ahead and placed further adverts demonstrates his ignorance and arrogance yet again.”

WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: “The advert was pretty distasteful, and it’s now been shown to be factually wrong too.

“If the evidence to be presented at his forthcoming court challenge is as flimsy as that used to create this misleading advert then it’s likely to be a very short case.”

Via Donald Trump’s Lockerbie windfarms ad to be banned – Environment –

We’re far too tolerant in this country, and it’s ridiculous that an American who is neither a citizen nor resident of Scotland is able to exert, or try to exert, or even have any say or influence over national policy.

One only had to think of some the documentaries aired over the years, and which show the sort of response “Good Americans” have towards any outsiders that try to influence their policies. Laws banning them seemingly appear out of nowhere, if they are lucky. If not, then it’s not long before the locals run them out of town, and we get reminded that unlike the UK, gun ownership is not restricted in the US.

Again, I’m also wondering how much George Sorial, executive vice president of the Trump Organisation, accepted when he sold his soul to Trump.

Acting as his mouthpiece, he usually speaks for Trump, and must be in danger of altitude sickness when he puts his wallet in his back pocket.

The media reports that his response to the ruling against the distasteful and incorrect adverts was not to say “Sorry”, but to say that they wanted the adverts to be stronger, and that they considered the ASA and CAP was contradictory and demonstrated how “disorganised, inefficient and wasteful these agencies are.”

Better known as – Everybody is wrong but Trump… Always!

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  1. Isn’t it about time, WE as a country stood up and told foreigners to stay in their own country. We re invaded from Europe and now BIG IDIOT sorry I mean Big brother is trying to push us around. I am a 50% English/50%Irish living in Scotland , have been for 30+ years, I am as passionate about our country as any true clansman who would have been born in the highlands.
    I Cannot say this any easier, Lets claim our independence, show the world we are a first class country with OUR own products, farming , fishing and oh yes OIL. We have always had our own banks, Until Westminster decided to open the borders of Britain to all and sundry. What have we learnt from recent history, Enoch Powell was right,(keep Britain BRITISH) stay away from European Backstabbers, and most of all Do not look to the USA for any decent help.Especially jumped up millionaires who bankrupt their own companies to look good.


    Comment by mike hassett | 22/04/2013

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