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I once met this idiot’s Scottish cousin

Cat accident

CAR accident? I thought you said “Cat accident”!

Funny how things come back to you when you get an unexpected reminder.

Have a look at the video below (sorry, WordPress does not allow this source to be embedded) – the real action starts a little after 1:50 – and think yourself lucky not to meet that Korean driver’s Scottish cousin.

Korean Driver – not quite getting things right

I did, and it wasn’t nice, because not only was he an idiot, but a stupid and nasty idiot.

On the day I met him (now some years ago), I had to take my car for an early morning MOT. Since the testing station is just around the corner, I left early so I could drive around the back streets to warm up the engine for the emission part of the test

But I made a mistake…

I foolishly turned into a street near a local school, and got tied up the local school run and the sort of madness I usually avoid. From being early for my test, I resigned myself to being late while all the nuts dropped off their tiny tots that can’t walk more than a few metres before becoming exhausted.

Then I made my second mistake…

Seeing a white (car-size) van at the end of the street in an odd position (he had blocked the T-junction there, about 20 metres ahead of me), when I saw his reversing lights come on I decided to wait where I was until he extracted himself.

I’d expected him just to back up enough to get out of the way of the cars he was preventing from turning into the street, and clear the jam he’d caused.

Instead, he just accelerated away in reverse – and kept on coming until he hit me!

I didn’t have a chance to do anything, and there were cars queued behind me anyway, so I could not have moved anyway.

I assume he was angry at having to give way, and being the one to back out of the jam he caused, so just reversed out of it without looking or thinking, but what was more shocking about his behaviour was the fact that his van had no rear view, as the windows had been replaced with metal panels for security. His door mirrors could show what was on either side – but he had no way of knowing what was behind him.

Remember this was outside a school, just as kids were being dropped off, and had any of them been crossing the road behind his van, he could not have seem them and would just have ploughed into them – before colliding with the front of my car.

We both parked at the kerb, and there wasn’t a great deal of damage thanks to my plastic bumper, although the front of the bonnet had a bit of dent apparent. The white van, as far as could be seen, was more or less undamaged, so I expected we’d exchange details and be on our way.

Instead, after Mr White Van Man saw he had no claim but I had, his attitude changed to one of belligerence, and he accused me of driving around with an already damaged car, looking for someone to hit, and then make an insurance claim against them to get my repairs for free.

Needless to say our conversation ended at that point, and I suggested he hand over his details (I had his registration and business details from the van anyway) or I’d call the police.

Ironically, other than inform my insurance company of the event and give them his details, I hadn’t been intending to make a claim anyway, such was the lightness of the damage.

Had it not been likely to have cost me more than it was worth (due to the effect on premium, NCD, and policy excess), I would have made the claim after his ‘attitude’.



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