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If it's secret, and in Scotland…

Furry… er… thing

Time for a fun post, and this one comes courtesy of a recent wander along the Clyde Walkway.

Carelessly, as I took my hand out of my pocket, some moths made their escape, and a 20 p coin fell to ground at my feet.

As the Queen blinked in the unexpected daylight (something not seen for many years), there was a rustling sound from the greenery at the side of the path, and…

The strange creature pictured below came zooming out of the undergrowth heading straight for my 20 p coin.

Of course, it had no chance of getting anywhere near my coin, and swift thump stunned it momentarily, allowing the coin to be retrieved and returned to safety.

It‘ recovered quickly and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

But I wonder what ‘it‘ was?

Too small to be a tribble, they don’t have tails, and there would have been more than one (a lot more!)

I’ve heard people talking about money spiders, but never anything that looked like this:

Furry thing with tail

Furry thing with tail and 20p coin

If it hadn’t made off so quickly, it might have ended up coming home with me, as it looks like as if would have been just right for sending along the barrels of my shotguns, and would have polished them up nicely after it had run up and down the inside a few times.


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