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Garthamlock, water towers, and the weather

I had forgotten about collecting the pics below, of the water towers located in Garthamlock, and part of Glasgow’s water supply system.

I’d often looked at them from the distance, and wondered just where they were, then found myself not to far from them recently, and decided to walk along after spotting the tops peeping over the roof of the building I was actually visiting.

Rotten weather

The weather connection arises from the fact that these pics were taken weeks ago, on March 1 (which means it could almost have been the end of February!), when the weather was dry and sunny, and the days were almost warm, if a little crisp, with blue and near cloudless skies. I was able to go out and walk for miles almost every day back then, and do so in comfort.

Compare and contrast to the past few weeks, when I have not even felt like going outdoors, far less for a walk of between 2 and 5 hours.

At the moment, being outside for that long  would probably mean being soaked through (which happens anyway, when I go to the shops), as it has been raining regularly for the past few weeks, and most days here currently come with a gusting wind strong enough to blow you about the pavement, makes sure you can’t use an umbrella (if you want to keep it, or not have it broken), or keep a jacket hood up without holding it down.

While that are some really nice days in between this wet and wind, it’s still remarkable how miserable the weather has been throughout April, while the end of February and start of March was particularly fine, if not warm. The days were not actually that cold, but the nights always fell below freezing, and although there was less wind than we have at the moment, when it did come, it was cold – it came from the west, and having started in Siberia it just got colder as it travelled across Russia before arriving in Scotland. I kid you not, even a small breeze froze your face as the effect of wind chill factor became a reality.

Water towers

I certainly couldn’t have taken pics like those seen below if I tried today. Today, it is raining, the skies are grey and cloudy, and the wind would not make the exposed hill these water tanks sit atop be a place to be if one has the choice.

Note the stylish cell phone masts added to the towers, definitely not original.

I know some people hate concrete, but I think these towers look superb.

You can also see some small black enclosures mounted on ground posts. These carry the lights which shine on the surface of the towers at night, and produce a steadily varying coloured light show at night. Unfortunately, I live too far away from the towers for much chance of wandering along in the dark and catching some close-up pics of the show, so you’ll just have to hut around the web for those.

While I was able to work around the lampposts and keep them out of the picture, the same could not be said for one very irritating small tree, which insisted on staying in shot. Eventually I gave up trying to avoid, or fetching a chain saw, and decided to feature it by placing it right on the centreline of the smaller tower. At least it was not in leaf, so not obscuring most of the view.

Garthamlock water tower 1

Garthamlock water tower 2

Garthamlock water tower 3

Garthamlock water tower 4

Garthamlock water tower 5


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