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Waiter! There’s a mouse in my… er… cash dispenser.

Regular readers may know I am not amused by mice: for example

Even though I now live in the middle of houses, the houses came to me, we used to live on the edge of field, and I still (almost) live on the edge of the burbs, and can be walking in fields (granted they are not very nice field now) in a few minutes, and even reach the River Clyde in less that 20 minutes.

But we still have mice running around, and while we used to be able to leave out doors open in the nice weather, in the past few years they have started coming indoors. Something that never happened until recently. You can soon tell if you are sharing your home with them – they leave evidence, are incontinent, and they smell.

I couldn’t resist this shot of on mouse that got its comeuppance, when it took on a cash dispenser in a Coop store in Sweden.

Best bit about it was that the guy who was withdrawing his cash thought the tail was a bit of cord… and pulled it out, or rather off, and you can see it lying on the dispenser.

He had wanted his receipt, and helpful staff actually extract mortuary Mickey from the dispenser , and his receipt apparently then popped out once the blockage was removed

You can read the whole story at the following link – provided you can read the local language!

Han fick ut en mus ur uttagsautomaten | Folkbladet |

You have to feel sorry for the mouse, stuck there thinking “Well, here am, dead, stuck in a ATM, dignity pointing to the sky, and some guy comes along an pulls my tail off just to round things off. Can things get any worse today? Ah… I had to ask… Is that a cat I smell nearby?”

Nope, not feeling sorry, just ticking one more off the list.

Cashpoint atm mouse



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