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Clydeneuk House

Pictured below is Clydeneuk House, Uddingston.


Clydeneuk House fountain

Clydeneuk House fountain

Sadly, the fountain is almost all that remains of the once grand and fine house that oversaw the fountain in its garden, and the River Clyde beyond that. Built in 1857, it lasted for 106 years, so was demolished in 1963, during which time it was known locally as The Candyman’s House.

There are some more remains nearby, but these are little more than some pieces of low wall and steps that lay in the grounds.

More significant are the gates to the property, and a section of the original perimeter wall which still stand along a section of disused road nearby.

An early 1800’s map shows Threeneuk House in the area at first – Threeneuk being the name given to the area before it became known as Clydeneuk. Since the map was dated 1816, the date of 1857 may be queried. The later date came from a book about the area, in an explanatory note beneath a photograph of the house.

The Candyman name seems to have been down to its ornate appearance, which included turrets, rather than any connection to any of the owners.

No details have been offered, but it has been said that house once had a small zoo, and cellars that were used as shelters by locals during the war.

Discussions suggest the house ended its days as a nursing home, but again, no detail or records could be unearthed online to confirm this.

The fountain has fallen victim to attack, and had at least one more level above that now visible, until the local kids toppled it years ago.

The kids still like to cause damage to the site, and on the day I was there I found a number of sites on the riverbank where deliberate fires had been set using piles of waste paper and other materials, where attempts had been made set the undergrowth, shrubbery, and trees on fire.

Fortunately, things were still too wet along the banks of the River Clyde for this to work, even so, when I wandered along to the remains of the steps that once allowed the owner of the big house to wander down to the river, I found the remains of one of those fire-raising attempts was still burning, albeit it was also dying:

Clydeneuk fire

Clydeneuk fire

You can find a longer discussion with some more details about Clydeneuk House in the Forum, here:

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Even so, information seems to be sparse, and the detail is not always clear, so any additional info would be welcome


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