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Pitlochry Festival Theatre 2013

I seem to have misplaced the Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) programme that landed on the floor recently, and just found it after working my way down a pile of outstanding paperwork.

It doesn’t seem that long ago I thought it might disappear from lack of support, or at least struggle to carry on. Bear in mind,60 years ago it started life in a tent! Now, it seems to be growing from year to year, and this year the editorial tells us that PFT will perform more in-house productions than any other theatre in Scotland this year, thanks to its Autumn Classic and Winter Musical.

While I haven’t been a great theatre-goer, thanks the Edinburgh International Festival, and even more to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I have been in quite a few theatres, and based on that experience, I have to say that given the choice, I preferred Pitlochry. Not so big as the feeling was one of being a cave, while not so small that you were worried about an over-exuberant performer hitting you if their movements were not restrained.

As well as the theatre itself, there is the Explorers Garden, and many other events take place at the theatre, such as workshops, concerts, tours and talks. It has its own Festival Restaurant, Café & Bar – A Room With A View.

The 2013 Summer Season includes:

While I haven’t made it back to Pitlochry for longer than I care to remember, I did find a well-framed shot that shows most of the building to good effect:


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