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Silly gate, silly me, there WAS a plan

Waddling back and forth to the shops needs a bit of variation in order to keep things from getting boring and repetitive, so I take advantage of various routes to make the almost daily drudge a bit more interesting.

Recently, one of these variations had me wondering, as I noticed something amusing that I couldn’t remember have seen previously. The wet and windy weather means hunching over for a bit of shelter, and spending more time looking at your own feet rather than more interesting items around you.

A number of car dealers live at the end of the road, and walking along a side street leading to one of, while looking at my feet instead of ahead, meant noticing that one of them appeared to have a gate, but a gate that was not a lot of use – and I had really come to notice it because it was just behind a low (about 1 foot or so) brick wall. While it was certainly a good place for a gate, I couldn’t think why I hadn’t noticed it before, especially since it had been such an obvious piece of fun since it was little use, since nobody was going to get a car through, even if they were stealing it.

After passing this apparently useless gate for weeks, the obvious answer was supplied the other day.

I won’t say any more, just try to hide, as the pic below explains it all (and guess that the gate must have been installed into the existing fence some months ago, when I wasn’t wandering this way so much):

Wall and gate

Wall (not) and gate


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