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Uddingston and the semi-jubilee of King George V

One of the intriguing things I came across years ago was a small sign buried in some trees at the side of the road, on the way into Uddingston from the west.

Barely visible when the trees are in leaf, the sign tells us:

In these trees Uddingston commemorates the semi-jubilee of the reign of King George V 1910 – 1935

This area is marked as Powburn on old maps of the area, and this is also the name of one the big houses that lies across Glasgow road, roughly opposite the location of the sign.

Uddingston semi-jubilee sign

Uddingston semi-jubilee sign

I had expected the old maps to show a wood or forest on the land, but there is nothing shown. Looking at the maps suggests the land was mainly field or pasture, but it doesn’t really matter now, as the A74 road development in the 1970s (I think) means that much of the view has changed, especially to the south west of the trees.

It’s a small thing, possibly not all that significant, and something I’d wager that not many people notice, or generally even know is there.

The road’s not much a thoroughfare for foot traffic, I doubt if many of the locals are aware of it, and I only see it when I go for an ‘extended’ walk around the neighbourhood.

I’ve got quite a few history booklets produced locally, which go into the Uddingston’s past and looks at interesting features around the area, but so far (and I can’t claim to have read them in detail, some are in very small print and packed with information which is tough to plough through) I have yet to come across any mention of this commemorative sign, and the reason why was placed in this particular spot.

My best guess is based on the lack of trees or wood shown on the early maps, and the trees were in fact planted at the time of the semi-jubilee, to mark the occasion.

This would tie in with the size of the trees, as they are well-established, but not huge, and not really enough to be classified as a wood.

Uddingston Semi-Jubilee trees

Uddingston Semi-Jubilee trees on Glasgow Road


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