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Whither the UK Web Archive?

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A chance remark made recently, when some server/hosting issues had the SeSco web sites appearing and disappearing randomly from the web, reminded us that SeSco had been selected for archiving by the UK Web Archive (provided by The British Library) a few years ago, and that the appropriate copyright release had been quickly completed and returned to allow this to be done.

Since they had issued a message to the effect that the public phase of the project was just getting underway (I think it had been running for a few years, but in the background to test it and get it working), and that they had a backlog to work through, the process might take a while to kick in, and I forgot all about and never looked back in on the archive afterwards.

I checked back, and found that this had happened in February 201o.

I decided to check the archive, and see what our record looked like, thinking that 3 years was probably long enough to make some inroads into any backlog, and deal with sites that had been notified that they were marked for inclusion after agreeing to the copyright terms.


Not a sign of Secret Scotland, or SeSco, to be seen in their archive, nor could I find it by eyeballing their index.

I don’t know who sets their criteria for web sites to include, but browsing through the index and ‘Special Collections’ is a bit eye-watering at some of the rubbish that is in there, and I was  surprised to see many corporate, Big Name (read ‘companies with a lot of money to spend on their web sites to sell stuff’) and political web sites (and I guess it is a library/archive’s duty to record), which I think should be kept elsewhere, away from web sites with information that is worth archiving for later reference.

Guess I should make a note in my diary to go take a look in another 3 years or so, and see if they got around to us.


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