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Jenkins! Come get your prodemotion.

Funny thing, but since we supposedly saw the arrival of the nice weather, I’ve found that the chances to get out and find something interesting have actually gone down. The past few weeks have been wet, windy, and miserable, and even when I do go out for a wander, there’s nothing happening, and the photo-opportunities seem to have dried up. It was better weeks and months ago, when we had clear blue skies and sun, no rain (yes, it was rather windy), and things looked better, even if the trees were bare, and flowers were only a thing of the imagination.

Looking through some of the pics I took a few months back, just to convince myself I was not imagining this, I found a pic that reminded of a wry smile that crosses my face every time I turn into one of the streets at the end of the road.

While it might be assumed that a call to the boss’s office, and being handed the keys of a shiny new Jaguar as your new company car, could be seen as a promotion or reward for a good year, it might pay to look closely at what you’ve been given.

I can’t help but feel that the recipient of a Jaguar as seen below is being handed an apparent promotion on the one hand… and a warning to “Do Better Next Time!”


Jaguars are notable as one of the few cars immediately identifiable by their twin exhausts, and it’s only the lower end models that have little tiny engines that are satisfied with a single exhaust, signifying the cost-cutting economy of their production.

You can see the same in the Audi TT, which has a single exhaust on the base models with the less attractive engines. ‘Proper’ version have two exhaust pipes.

Move to BMW, and all the specials such as the 8-series, M-series and Alpinas generally have dual exhausts, as do 911s. Most cars regarded as exotic, or as supercars, used to have twin and quad exhausts, but these have gone nowadays, in favour of peculiar custom installations, where 2, 3, and 4 exhaust pipes can be found in all sorts of weird configurations and groups at the rear of the car. Jaguar was ahead of even those, with some of the V12 E-types have a single exhaust containing four flattened exhaust exits, mounted in the centre. Always liked that one as a particularly neat and tidy installation.

So, back to the prodemotion (that’s just promotion and demotion rolled into one handy word) model, seen from the front, you have a badge of pride…

But from behind, it’s the exhaust of shame, and a good laugh for your colleagues.

Actually the boss’s intention is that it will make you work late every night, and you can eventually sneak out last after they have all gone home, so they won’t see the back of the car as you drive away.

Half Jaguar

Should look more like:

Twin exhaust Jaguar


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