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Who can explain the extra Taggart episode: Fresh Kills?

It’s taken me a while to finally organise our listing of Taggart episodes, and it looks as if the series really has come to an end, with the last episode “The Ends of Justice” having aired on Sunday, November 07, 2010. Mumblings about foreign funding that might have seen further episodes having failed to produce anything tangible.

While I was not impressed by the “new” short format episodes of the latter years (nominally 60 minutes for the whole story), I still liked the fact that it was centred in and around Glasgow. However, the format killed the quality and depth of plot and storyline the writers were able to develop in the beginning, when they had three episodes spread over 270 minutes to play with.

The other aspect I came to miss was the use of old “gritty” locations around Glasgow, gradually lost over the years as the city fathers decide the place had to be cleaned up and made to look squeaky clean.

But it was a detail I noticed while collating the overall list of episodes that left me with a puzzle.

I’d long given up trying to create a definitive list of series and episode numbers, this just doesn’t seem to exist, and the various listings available simply don’t agree. The same thing holds true for first air dates. Again, the listings that can be found online from various source fail to agree on these dates.

However, what I didn’t expect to find (other than perhaps in spelling) was any disagreement in the episode names.

But there was one left when I finished the list.

Series 27, episode 3 is consistently reported as have been first aired on Sunday, October 17, 2010, and the title is almost always reported as Silent Truth.

The plot get complicated (as usual), but in essence revolves around the Mamood family, which came to Glasgow to make a fresh start but is devastated when the son, Farid, is murdered, having been doused in petrol and allowed to burn to death. The team investigate what appears to be a racially motivated murder in a multi-ethnic community. More attacks and deaths follow, with drugs, immigration, and rivalries entering the story.

One of the online resources lists this episode twice. Once under the title given, then again as Fresh Kills, airing on Saturday, October 30, 2010. It also number this as Episode 3, and Silent Truth as Episode 5, just to add to the confusion.

Episode 3, Season 27 : Fresh Kills – Taggart

Episode 5, Season 27 : Silent Truth – Taggart

They also list this episode twice in their Season 27 summary:

Season 27 – Taggart

Which gives it a total of seven episodes, although the season clearly had only six.

Looking around the web for further information on Fresh Kills, or anyone offering an explanation for the appearance of the name fails to find anything useful, and other mentions appear to be nothing more than sloppy “cut and paste” jobs of the original source linked above, rather than any new work, or proper research and checking.


Is Fresh Kills someone’s typo or mistake?

Or was it some sort of provisional title that leaked out somewhere, and has become attached to this story, and later dropped for the final title of Silent Truth?

Does anyone know the truth?

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