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Luxury cars stolen on my doorstep

I pass the Sherwood Garage on a daily basis, and usually see at least one offering that catches my eye, although I have to admit that the trend for Chelsea Tractors has lessened that occurrence in recent years. But the remaining stock is generally from the more upward end of the car food chain, and even the exotic on occasion. A few years ago, it even got some of my business when a fairly rare car showed up in the lot. And in a strange turn of events, I even have a set of architect’s plans for the site, from the days when it was a real garage, and sold petrol.

These days, I just like to walk past (note, walk) and watch out for the occasional Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls, or similar toy that appears in the yard, as they seem to have access to just about anything, regardless of price.

Sherwood Garage

Unfortunately, when I browsed the news this morning, the news was not so good, with an overnight raid seeing six cars taken from the yard at some time between 11 pm Sunday night and 1 am Monday morning.

Luxury cars stolen in Glasgow garage raid

Sherwood Garage, Baillieston, has cars stolen in £80,000 raid | News | Glasgow | STV

The vehicles taken were: a Jaguar X Type, black Porsche Boxster, a black Porsche Cayenne, a silver Audi S3, a black Ford Focus ST, and a blue Ford, which police said were valued between £75,000 and £80,000.

That shows they were after the easy to move stuff, as there are often single cars sitting there that with that price on their windscreen, but they are easy to spot, and more specialised.

I suppose the disappointing thing is to have something like this happen on what amounts to your own doorstep, rather than somewhere far away.

Anyone with information relating to the theft from the used car garage is asked to call Shettleston Police Office on 0141 532 4800.

The reports suggest the thieves broke into the office where the keys were kept, and this is something that has had me puzzled for years, more so when the keys are now generally paired to the cars, and immobilisers and/or alarms are standard, and reasonably effective to all but an “expert”. The downside of this success is that thefts now begin not with breaking into the car, but breaking into the garage (or home) first, to get the keys. When I’ve been at such places and checking or buying a car, I’ve never understood the logic that has most of them with the keys hanging on boards on the wall, meaning that it does not take a great deal of thought to work out the easiest way to steal cars from the forecourt. Not putting them in a safe, or taking them off-site seems lax, and almost an invitation.

I was also amused by the Police statement where Detective Constable Graham Harries said:

There is a local bar, close to the garage and I am appealing to anyone who may have been in the pub or in the area around the time of the theft.

It’s possible people came outside to smoke a cigarette and may have seen activity at the garage. I am appealing to anyone who has any information or knowledge to get in touch with us.

Many years ago I had the “good luck” to be rammed from behind by a kid in his shiny new turbo Fiesta, while I was waiting to turn right almost outside the pub door. I’d been watching the kid in my rear view mirror, and he was doing anything but looking where he was going, or paying attention to the road as he was having a good laugh with his mate in the passenger seat, and I had really hoped for a break in the oncoming traffic to get out of his way. But there was no gap, and when he arrived where I was waiting, he was still looking at his mate and laughing.

Despite happening at the door of the pub, not one of the guys who had been downing their pints there saw a thing when I asked.

Sherwood Garage


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