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Site News June 2013

bigsblog01.pngThere’s not really much to add to what I noted in May, so this will be short.

I seem to have managed to maintain the effort to meet the WordPress PaD (post a day) challenge, although it can be surprisingly difficult to maintain. Not, strangely, because of a lack of material, but a surfeit. While I’ve been surprised at the number of items I’ve found to post the odd pic and story about, the reality is that this has just about exhausted most of my local content. Most of the material actually came from only a couple of long walk I took during February, when the weather and material seen were both better than I have seen in recent weeks. The weather has been rotten, wet and windy, and the incidence of fresh material has been nil to none (and I meant to say that). Even looking for obscure pics hasn’t worked recently, and my camera has remained almost unused. As for the media and local stories… while this is fine for events or historically related items of interest, the current situation of campaigning as regards Independence makes most items unusable, as almost everything is twisted by political activists to become an outlet for their spite. Many good stories are ruined of they have an open comments section, and those with a pro or anti point to make take over the subject for their own ends. So I often start on posts that may have some sort of council or government factor (eg funding or backing) only to drop it after realising I am raising points that others will interpret as political rather than personal, and I’ll have to start watching comments closely, and delete nonsense. Something I don’t have much occasion to do, and can’t be bothered with either.


No changes in the Forum, but activity continues to fall with the same few faithful seen wandering its deserted boards.

I have to say the obvious: A Forum is a place for discussion. If everyone merely comes to read it then it’s a Blog. If members don’t create discussions and exchange comments, then it will not survive.


The Wiki (or Main Site) is coming back into order, and most of the outstanding items that led to a big heap of ToDo actions have been dealt with, leaving only a handful of more involved or longer pages to be tidied up. At the same time, new material has been added to some existing pages, and even new pages/articles added. We have started hosting our own images thanks to a change in our hosting terms, which means we can prevent any attempts at hot-linking – which was happening with our publicly hosted images and could not be stopped.

As usual, the biggest problem with the Wiki is that once we start adding pages, the related research for content on the original subject nearly always generates an exponentially growing number of new pages, as we find further items we had never heard of before!

Wiki bug that won’t die

Introduced some time ago, after an upgrade, a small but irritating bug refuses to die and go away.

Almost every page includes an Aerial views heading, which provides a set of links offering a number of alternative views to the map shown at the bottom of the page, centred on the site being described.

This has been noted to be blank on a number of pages, yet appears normally on others.

Since this ‘paragraph’ is included automatically by the same piece of code in every page, there’s no obvious difference between pages where it does and does not appear.

That makes it hard to work out why it fails to appear in some cases. We’ve tried rewriting the code so the content is delivered in a different way, but this seems to have made no difference.

We seem to be stuck with this for the moment, as even reloading the page, or flushing the browser cache, has no effect either.

New outlet

I hinted at a new outlet in the last Site News, and this should be properly announced around the middle of June – assuming all goes well.

It’s not any sort of secret, rather I have been made wary by the Flickr fiasco as they changed their software and appearance, and it did not go well.

Since the software and operation of our new outlet was already known to be changing, I have merely decided to play safe and delay mentioning it or handing out the url until this happens. I see little point in saying “Look at this folks”, and then having its operation and appearance change almost immediately.

Then again, there’s my natural apathy, as I haven’t really played with it properly myself, although that’s also due in part to the coming changes – no point in learning something new, only to have to dump it and start over as soon as you come to terms with its nuances.


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