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Glasgow Green Station

A few months back, I got the chance to take some pics of Glasgow Green station, closed in the 1950s, but with the façade retained as an A listed building.

This can be seen below.

Hmmm, that plan didn’t work too well, did it?

Glasgow Green Station 2013

Glasgow Green Station 2013

Truth is, I was just a little too late in getting there, and should have been there before March 2012, when it was finally demolished on the basis that it was unsafe following storm damage. Unfortunately, the shell (which was all that was left) of the former station building comprised only the walls, with no roof or interior, and sat on a bridge overlooking the rail tracks below. You can see the the back of the former shell on the bridge, and the tracks below here: Glasgow Green station – rear view. The walls were said to be unsafe after the storm, so the remains of the station were demolished and removed, lest they collapse and drop debris on the track and trains passing below.

Turner Prize winner Douglas Gordon’s mural destroyed

I’m sure I have some earlier pics showing almost the same view as captured above, but they are locked away in “real” photographs ie negatives and prints, and I have yet to get them digitised.

In the meantime, although the angle is different, those unfamiliar with the original can get an idea of what it looked like from the slightly less recent pic below:

If anyone should doubt it is the same spot, then just spot the wonky lamppost – joined later by the wonky CCTV camera mast.


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