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Project Yuk 6-month update

Project Yuk

After a few discussions about the discovery that a house with virtually no through traffic can have, on average, 10 grammes of “something” collected by a vacuum cleaner every day, the exercise was christened Project Yuk, and carried over from 2012 into 2013, with perhaps a little more alacrity. This time round, we’ll be whizzing round the house on a daily basis whenever possible, and have also switched all suction to the head. Last year, the head was adjusted to make sure some was always bled off to keep the brush turbine powered, but this is not really necessary, and the change actually brought a 20% or greater improvement in cleaning.

Last year, we ended with 2,129 g of “stuff” collected.

6 months into 2013, we have reached 1,310 g already, and that’s with no trailing of stuff from working in the garden, although I do change shoes for this, as I’ve seen the effects of not noticing earth stuck to soles and recesses, and the mess this makes when it dries up and falls off.

Vacuum 2012

The 2012 collection

While I don’t discount the effect of anything I walk in from the street, since this is probably one of the main sources, I do knock out and exclude anything that appears as an extraordinary contribution, such as cleaning up a spill, or tidying up behind something like woodwork or similar, where sawdust and the like is produced not as a result of “daily living”, but of some non-repeating action.

This silliness has actually turned out to have a useful side-effect.

Usually, if a small part (of a model or computer or similar) is found to have gone missing after a few days, and can’t be found on the floor, the usual assumption would have been t

hat it was gone for good, having been swept up and thrown in the bin when the cleaner was emptied.

Now, since I dump everything in a waste bucket, I no longer lose things like small springs, screws, or parts, as these can be recovered using a magnet if ferrous, or by a little poking around if not.


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