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Welcome to Parkhead

It’s funny what you come across when not paying much attention to anything in particular.

Quite a few streets have been closed off around the area of Parkhead over the years, and I happened to pass one I had largely forgotten about. Once, it used to be nothing more than a wide, but short, dead-end street behind a school and factory. Now, it’s not even that, as the school was closed years ago (and is now derelict, overgrown, and sealed), and the factory closed not very long ago. Well, maybe it was a little longer than that, but it was so quiet I only realised it had closed when I noticed the window had lain vandalised for weeks – not something that would have happened if it just happened to be outside working hours whenever I passed.

The surrounding area used to be taken over as a car park whenever there was a big match on at Celtic park, but even that seems to be fairly rare these days, and the area this affects is now much smaller. Whether or not the useless Emirates shed built for the forthcoming Commonwealth disaster will affect this is yet to be seen. Maybe they will subsequently use the abandoned velodrome as a Pay and Display car park some day.

However, while the natives still have to use the streets, we can still enjoy the simple pleasure of eyeballing signs such as the one seen below.

I found another one recently, somewhere in the same area, as I had to drag myself down to the shops at Parked Forge to collect some goodies. But I’ve already forgotten which street it was in.

One day, I’ll remember not to forget things.

Somehow, if I was to do such a thing as go watch a football match (something that is beyond me I’m afraid, drying paint would hold more interest), if I had left my car under such a sign, I don’t think I’d enjoyed myself,  and might not even as got as far as the ground, before turning round, collecting my possessions (if they were still there) and heading home to watch on TV.

Car crime sign

Car crime sign


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