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If it’s stopped, it’s parked III

It’s ages since I’ve come across some “expert” parking – in fact, the last one I saw was back in 2010!

And I had thought it was going to be a handy source of fillers.

You’re not imagining it.

You are looking at an empty car, abandoned on the centre of a T-junction leading off a main road. It’s parked across Eversely Street, blocking access to Tollcross Road.

But, more importantly, by leaving it there, the driver has cunningly avoided parking on the double yellow lines on either side of the road, thereby skilfully evading a fine for parking on them should a traffic car happen to pass by. Chances are they would assume it was someone doing a U-turn, and not notice it was actually… empty (which it was.)

I did double-check and looked inside, just in case there was some sort of emergency, like a birth underway or even more critical, a phone-call perhaps, but no, it was deserted.

I almost didn’t notice it myself at first, and it was only the rather alarmed face of the driver who was approaching from the east, and had not realised this car was abandoned in the middle of the junction, and had started to make his left turn off the main road before he realised it was not going to move out of his way. While he was never in any real danger of hitting it, with the abandoned car on one side, and a concrete bollard on the other, it was still just as well he was driving a small car.

Parking in Tollcross

It’s stopped, it’s empty, it’s parked


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