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Neeb’s wheels 4

I’ve usually got at least half an idea about the history or story behind most Neeb’s wheels, but in this case, the discovery was unexpected, and of something I didn’t really expect to see.

In its day, I just knew this as a relatively rare vehicle, and probably only seen as a customised vehicle, chosen to be a bit different from the usual cars chosen for such treatment in the days when customising was fun.

Usually just referred to as a VW Polo pickup, it seems it was originally introduced in the US during the 1970s, and came to Europe (and therefore the UK) in the early 1980s, when it was officially christened the Caddy. To be honest, I have no recollection of it being referred to by that name, only as the little pickup – but then again, my memory is not to be trusted.

As I recall, the handy thing about this vehicle was that its lines were already fairly clean and simple, so it was easy to make into a ‘smooth’ custom by removing things like bumpers and other external fittings, and blending in things like lights, aerial, and handles, while the front end and grille were also fairly easy to tidy. In fact, the front of the example seen below has been lightly ‘breathed on’.

Unfortunately, this one was locked on some private ground, and I couldn’t get into a position to see the rear, or even the front (and the registration) so I couldn’t try digging up any unique history for this one, or even dating it accurately.

So, it looks as if not all entries under Neeb’s wheels have to cost the best part of six-figures or more, or be high-performance.

And I rather like that.

Volkswagen Pickup

Volkswagen Pickup



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