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Holyrood allows discrimination against cats

Mouse fun

After our good MSPs awarded themselves a £413 glory hole to hide in – after estimating it would cost only a then of that (which is around £40 million, just in case you think I mis-typed – and I am one of those who does not buy ANY of the mythological excuses that the £40 million was not the original estimate, no matter how the story is spun), it seems that they are just as hopeless when it comes to dealing with the vermin which has taken up residence there.

No jokes now… I am not a rabid political activist (I’m an equal opportunity cynic) and don’t want to see any comments about this relating to the good folk in there, regardless of party, and wish to make it clear than I am referring to the mice which have made the skip known as the Parliament Building at Holyrood their home.

While many famous and glorious institutions around the World have seen fit to establish cats within their wall and act as natural vermin control, see for example The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, featured by the BBC(2007) and The Telegraph (2013):

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Hermitage palace is cat’s whiskers

St Petersburg: the cats of the Hermitage

The MSPs, it seems, are too sickly and sensitive to live with cats anywhere near them:

“Members have said to us that they would have an allergy to a resident cat.

Said Corporate Body health and safety spokeswoman Linda Fabiani.

Are they serious, and is the level of reality the MSPs we are supposed to depend on demonstrate?

If they are that sensitive to a cat wandering around a skip the size of Holyrood, then they’re probably not fit to go there to work in the first place, as a little pollution in the street is likely to have them in need of an ambulance to get them as far as the door.

They’d be better throwing the MSPs out of the building, and filling it with cats – at least the visitors would get something nice to see instead of that abomination on the site.

Essential reading for MSPs

The BBC has a couple of offerings which MSPs might well be advised to study:

Cat allergy research offers new clues

‘Cat allergy made me feel like an outcast’

After the quote from the Corporate Jokeswoman of Holyrood, I can only add this posting made on Twitter:

Spoof Twitter account pokes fun at cat rejection

A spoof Twitter account set up in the name of the ‘romping rodents’ has taken the news in its stride. @HolyroodMouse, set up in March tweeted ‘Common sense prevails!

Freeeeeeeeedooooooom!!!!!!!!’, following it up with ‘You see all these stories about how I’m such a ‘problem’ but not once have I been approached for my side of the story. Pro-cat media bias!’

When asked for a comment, the mouse replied: ‘I welcome the common sense rejection of a #parlycat because sociopaths have no place in Holyrood. However, “pest control” is inflammatory language that we can do without in the interests of human-mouse relations.’

The Holyrood Mouse is not alone however, counting the New York Times newsroom mouse and the Newsnight mouse – both of whom regularly interact with users on Twitter – amongst its followers.

Via No Holyrood cat despite ‘flaunting’ mice – Odd – The Scotsman

Grumpy wisdom

Last word, of course, to an expert in such things:

Grumpy Holyrood


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