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Screen Machine – back on the road

While it’s been many years since I went to a cinema (or ‘The Pictures’), I do appreciate a well presented film, and when Home Cinema came out I was probably quite near the head of the queue to add an umpteen channel AV amplifier and video controller to my (then) large screen CRT television, and knock stuff off the shelves by turning the active sub-woofer boost just a little TOO much for good effect.

It was fun while it lasted, but to be honest… the novelty wore off and I couldn’t be bothered with it after a while, and began to appreciate a good film and good special effect instead, and fell out with all the sound channels, setting up, and tweaking that always seemed to be needed.

Don’t even start me on 3D. All I can say is than goodness the BBC has ditched it (for the moment at least). It’s about as useful as a chocolate ashtray on a motorbike, and as realistic as the Roswell autopsy film.

However, back in the real world, I noticed that the excellent Screen Machine had returned to the road, and was back in the business of providing a reasonably large screen experience for those places in the remoter parts of Scotland which no longer have – or never had cinemas.

Much nicer to let someone else take the strain of setting everything up, and for those who love a good film shown properly, it avoids the hassle and expense of a long trip to the nearest bricks & mortar cinema.

If you have never come across the Screen Machine before, then the video below will give you an idea of how it all works.

Screen Machine is operated by Regional Screen Scotland, and is described as the UK’s only 80-seat, air-conditioned mobile digital cinema.

Screen Machine tours more than 30 communities in the Highlands and Western Islands and each tour lasts 8-9 weeks. The number of islands it visits has increased to 19 with new locations in Orkney as well as Eigg, Rum, Coll and Tiree added to its route. It will also be used for a pilot film education programme for communities and schools around the Highlands and Islands, and will be appearing at selected film festivals.

Current film and tour details can be found Here.

The first Screen Machine began touring in 1998, bringing the latest films to remote and rural parts of Scotland, and to celebrate fifteen years on the road, the selection of films has been expanded:

Screen Machine 15 | Screen Machine

Via Revamped Screen Machine back on the road | Strathspey and Badenoch Herald | Whats-On | Film


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