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You can visit Torness Power Station again

Good news for those who like to rummage around power stations, especially nuclear (since the loonies won’t let us have them), Torness has finally joined Hunterston (which opened its doors last August) and opened to visitors as promised last year. The stations closed to public visits during 2001, after the events of 9/11.

Torness started production in 1988, and this summer will mark its 25th year.

A new visitor centre is also due to open at the station, operated by EDF Energy. It will offer hand-on displays, and guided tours of the station itself.

The used to do tours long long ago, and I was quite pleased to be able to dig up this sample of a tour bus outside the station in 1991:

Torness Tours

Torness Tours © Jim Campbell via geograph

I’m not sure if they’ll need a coach nowadays, since the tours are by advanced booking only.

Via Torness nuclear power station re-opens to public after 9/11

It’s a funny thing, but since I occasionally had reason to visit the place for work reasons (no, not the nuclear side of the fence, they barely let you look at it that let alone wander past it), it never occurred to me to visit or take the tour – and then the stopped the tours, and I wished I had. Pity, as there’s not much chance of me getting there nowadays.

Torness safety manual revised

For those who want to smile, or perhaps cry, at the MP trying to curry favour and win votes, there’s a story filled with gloom, doom, and scaremongering built around the news that the operators of the nuclear power station have updated their safety manual which describes the protocols to be applied in the even of an incident at the station:

Torness nuclear survival manual updated – News – The Scotsman

I await news of the anticipated earthquake and tsunami as it strikes the east coast near Dunbar – but I’m not going to hold my breath while waiting.


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