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Angus Heritage Trails

I’d have to admit that my knowledge of Angus is lacking. While I may have been to the obvious place names such as Montrose, Arbroath, Brechin, and a few of the coastal locations, this was really more by way of passing through, and stops were rare since I was really on my way to places such as Aberdeen, Peterhead, or Fraserburgh.

While I may have stopped a bit longer on occasions where I was looking for a fish supper to pacify a rumbling tum, the only place I regularly went to deliberately was Montrose, and that was for their annual Wings and Wheels extravaganza. That wasn’t much good for sightseeing, since it took place on the beach to the north of the town, although it was handy for the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre, but it was (at the time) only open on one of those occasions. Moving inland, Glamis Castle marked another transport extravaganza which was once an annual ‘must do’.

I recently learned that there was a camera obscura in the area, located on Kirrie Hill, overlooking Kirriemuir and the valley of Strathmore, described as being one of only three such devices in Scotland.

I know there’s one in Edinburgh, so I’ll have to track the third down one day – actually, I’m pretty sure it’s part of a museum in Dumfries, but that needs to be checked.

Both the camera obscura on Kirrie Hill, and the cricket pavilion in which it sits, were donated in 1930 by JM Barrie (1860 – 1937), creator of Peter Pan, to his home town.

There seems to be more to be found around the area, and Angus Heritage – historical buildings, famous people, family research has produced a number of leaflets to guide the visitor through the area’s Heritage Trails to the many points of interest which it contains:

Angus Heritage – Heritage Trails

More here:

Local History | Heritage Trails | Angus Council


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