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Nessie’s shame – being hunted by Charlie Sheen

Nessie fun

Can’t catch me…

Let me be quite clear – I have no time for overpaid celebrities or film ‘star’. You’ll find most of my references to them usually use a handy phrase I came across some years ago: “Waste of skin.”

Since Nessie has never really appeared, and is only exploited by others, she’s one of the few stars that doesn’t fall into that category.

But I’m afraid Charlie Sheen both falls into that category, and is out to exploit Nessie for some publicity

According to a recent news item:

Charlie Sheen wants to find the Loch Ness monster and says he’s heading to Scotland to start his search.

The Anger Management star tweeted about his plan and posted a picture posing, in an old bronze battle helmet, with his friend Brian Peck.

Sheen wrote of his plans to head to the Highlands, he tweeted: “MIT grant sanctioned archeologists Pekk & Sheen, rig battle gear for tonight’s sortie on the Loch Ness.”

Via Charlie Sheen plans Loch Ness monster hunt – Odd – The Scotsman

Do we really need someone who is described in the media with reports about alcohol and drug abuse coming here to cash in on Nessie? The paper also says he was fired from hit sitcom Two and a Half Men in March 2011.

It also says he claimed to be a “warlock”, a “rock star from Mars”, and  said: “I am on a drug – it’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available because if you try it, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.”

Nice guy.

About as useful and helpful as the last character that wanted to cash in on Nessie’s good name:

Spanish footballer loses marbles and promises to find Nessie this summer

I’m guessing my £1 would be safe I were to bet that neither of these wastes of skin will be be “successful” in their searches.

Be interesting to see the news of their efforts and their results – real ‘edge of seat’ stuff (not).


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