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Our Photobucket pics are back – for a while

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While I am pleased to confirm that our pics as hosted on Photobucket (for free, as per our available budget run the Secret Scotland web site), it remains to be seen how long they stay for.

As noted in the update about the disappearance of most of our pics, since Photobucket no longer provide individual stats showing which pics are being served, and out own use of the account’s limited bandwidth has always been well within the allowed limit, this means there’s no way to identify which image(s) may be eating the bandwidth, and has clearly been stolen since we’re not using it.

Although a new hosting deal means I can now host and serve all our images from our own web space, this is not a lot of help as Photobucket already has thousands of our pics online, so moving them to our own host – and changing all the image urls – is a major job. And not one I can undertake in a hurry, if ever.

While all new imagery uploaded this year is on our servers, and should not disappear, I’m afraid any hiccups with Photobucket will just have to be endured.

While I gripe at Photobucket for removing the stats service, it’s not their fault that out bandwidth is exceeded and the account gets suspended. Assuming it is not actually down to a surge in our popularity, then it is down to some dirty little thieving scumbag who is using our images from out account, and not re-hosting them – which is allowed, given our general site licence.

Guess we’ll find out in 3-4 weeks, if the pics get cut off again.


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