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Hurry Brothers is still open in London Road

Back in January, the liquidation of A Borland & Co (Glaziers) Ltd, which traded as Hurry Brothers, and its subsidiary Hurry Brothers Ltd, which traded as Borglas, was announced, with the loss of almost 50 jobs from a firm that had been trading since 1955.

As this was nearby, and a supplier we had used, we noted this event.

Not long after this, we received a comment to the effect that the London Road premises was back in business.

However, since we had not been able to find any official source reporting this at the time, and the source declined to offer us any similar confirmation when we asked, we couldn’t post this without corroboration lest we sent hopeful customers to derelict premises.

Since then, we’ve been back to London Road, and are pleased to report that we found Hurry Brothers was indeed open, and customers were coming and going.

The only downside from our point of view was that since we were attending an event at nearby Dalbeth (cemetery), we couldn’t carry a sample of glass we happened to need a small replacement pane for, so will have to make a return trip.

As you’ll see from the pics below, they’ve popped a couple of signs out to help customers discover that the place is still open for business.

Hurry Brothers

Hurry Brothers open on London Road

Hurry Brothers

Hurry Brothers – Customer reassurance


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