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St Andrews Botanic Garden reported to be under threat

Looks as if we are back on one of my regular themes, the reported threat of closure of an established attraction or facility.

Although I’ve been to St Andrews quite a few times (and I should make it clear I have absolutely no interest in golf), I had never come across its Botanic Garden during those visits. Too interested in wandering around the old town, or staring out to sea.

I don’t know enough about this to make any sort of valid comment, so you’ll have to look at the information provided by the Friends of the Botanic Garden.

Robin Waterston, of Friends of the St Andrews Botanic Garden, said: “It would be a disaster, an absolute tragedy if it closed.

“We have 800 different species here. Some of them are endangered; some of them are linked to Scotland.

“We have an amazing amount of beautiful plants and trees. Every season is different. It’s a tremendous gem.”

Fife Council says budget cuts mean it has to cut back the funding it’s been giving for the past 25 years.

The garden’s lease from the university, which owns the land, runs out in September.

The Friends of the Garden submitted a business plan based on a new thirty year lease with any sale of land being ploughed back into making the garden work.

But the university’s offer of a five year lease is “unacceptable”, they say.

Via St Andrews Botanic Garden ‘could be closed within eight months’ | Dundee & Tayside | News | STV

See also The Future of the Garden


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